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Dr. Smaldone started his career in athletic training (AKA sports medicine) and worked healing injuries of college and future semi-pro athletes. Dr Smaldone graduated from the “Harvard” of chiropractic colleges (Palmer Chiropractic) after another of doctorate work and internship. He currently works on a number of projects with the head of the United States Chiropractic Neurology Board, Dr John Donofrio DABCN, DC.

Dr Smaldone has evolved into one of the top Athletic Chiropractors in NY State, treating pro athletes of football, tennis, running, weight lifters, and tri-athletes. Dr Smaldone’s approach with each of his patients is deeply routed in his sports medicine/athletic training backround. This is what makes him unique as a chiropractic doctor in New Paltz. He stretches, does myofascial release, ice/heats, often uses cold laser, and adjusts each patient if needed. In many cases, chiropractors only treat the bones and most physical therapists only work on the muscles. In both cases, during simple injury, this approach works out ok. However, often these therapies don’t work. “Why?” people ask? Because our bodies are all connected. Right? So, when a complex injury occurs, the bones and muscles must be treated at the same time in order to get proper healing.

Plain and simple, Dr Smaldone loves what he does and puts every bit of that into his patients every day in New Paltz, NY.


Dr. Smaldone Chiropractic is excellent! I have been a customer for approximately one year now. I began seeing him off of recommendation. I occasionally had some lower back pain from doing regular work around the house. Other misc pains here and there. So i decided to see what the practice was about. Since then I have had relief of soo many different day to day issues. Such as sinus relief during allergy season, back aches, head aches, etc. I highly recommend anyone to go see Dr. Smaldone to simply discuss all the benefits of seeing a chiropractor!

Rob S.

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